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Name: Microcomputer Pump Digital Display Pressure Switch
Type: SKD-2
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Product details
Product Features
1.SKD Series Pressure switch has built-in Ceramic Pressure Sensor,which could withstand high voltage ,High Temperature-Resistance and could show the pressure accurate and stable.
2.Humanization Design .Start Pressure ,Current Pressure ,Stop Pressure could shift normally
3.It could casually set the start pressure between stop pressure ,which could prevent the pump start up frequently
4.This Pressure controller could automaticly stop the pump if no water within 3mins,
start the pump once have water and it also could automaticlly check circularly  the water supply in 30mins
5.The Controller automaticlly starts pump up intervally 24hours , operating 5 seconds every time ,which could effectively prevent the pump to be rusted if long time no working 

Aplication Range
SKD Series is suitable for Pipeline pump ,Booster pump ,self-priming pump ,submersible pump ,circulation pump ,especially suitable for Solar heat pump ,
Air-source heat pump, No tower water supply ,etc .

a.Used for drinking water or non-potable water piping systems
b.It starts the pump automatically when pressure decrease(taps opening)and stops it when there is no flow(taps closing).
c.Stop the water pump automatically when water shortage;with the reset button.
d.Configuration with pressure gauge, it is easy for installation and maintenance.

Performance Parameters
MODEL TYPE Input Voltage
Max Current
Max Power
Starting Pressure
Max Pressure
Joint Screw Pipe Working Temperature
SKD-2 Standard Type 110/220 50/60 16(8)A 1.1kW/2.2Kw 1.5bar~2.2bar 10bar IP65 R1" 0~60ºC(no forzen)
SKD-2C Output Sockets Type 110/220 50/60 16(8)A 1.1Kw/2.2Kw 1.5bar~2.2bar 10bar IP65 R1" 0~60ºC(no forzen)
SKD-2D Adjustable Pressure Type 110/220 50/60 16(8)A 1.1Kw/2.2Kw 1.5bar~2.2bar 10bar IP65 R1" 0~60ºC(no forzen)
SDK-2CD Adjustable Pressure&Output  Sockets Type 110/220 50/60 16(8)A 1.1Kw/2.2Kw 1.5bar~3bar 10bar IP65 R1" 0~60ºC(no forzen)
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