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Name: HX SERIES Corn Thresher/Maize Thresher/Maize Threshing
Type: HX
  • PUMP
Product details
Our Maize Sheller is special used for maize threshing. It features on small size, flexible transportation among working, easy adjustment and usage, high efficiency, high threshing performance, low breakage rate and so on.
Brief Information:
Product usage: Be used for threshing corn.
1. Small corn threshing machine for home use
2. Easy to operate and disassemble
3. Output: 500kg/h
Product feature:
1.Use the steel structure to fix the machine frame; easy to install; light weight and small size; convenient to move and place.
2.Matching with 220V motor, light load, low energy consumption.
3.The spring automatically adjusts the gap; be able to process different sizes of corn cobs; strong adaptability of threshing work.
4.Large diameter feeding hopper makes it convenient to input materials.
5.Use two blades to thresh corn; enhance the threshing efficiency.
6.The protective cover of inlet and outlet can prevent seeds and cobs from splashing. The protective cover of belt can prevent twining. The whole machine is safe and reliable.
7.Select high-quality steel materials. Die stamping forming. Has reliable performance. Durable to use.
8.Using the electrostatic spraying technology; environmental and safe.
9.Be installed rubber feet; working stably.
 Main Technical Parameters
Package   Carton
Volume mm 1060*400*720
Power kw 1.5
Voltage v 220
Speed r/min 1800
Weight kg 30
Productivity t/h 3
Threshing Rate   >99%
Broken Rate   <1%

User's Manual Of Corn Thresher

This type of corn thresher is a new mini-thresher, it is suitable for the rural families. This machine will help famers to save the time, reduce the people labors and moreover it can help farmers to enhance the high efficiency of the works. This machine is famous as the simple operation =, reasonable design, good quality and stable performance.

 Technical Specifications:
Item No.: HX-B001                  G.W: 20 KGS                     
Size: 75*24*30(CM)                 Spindle speed: 2200r/s              
Electricity: 220V/50HZ               Productivity: 1000kgs/hours

 Structure and Principle:
The motor drives the threshing axis to work, and the corn rolling relative to the threshing axis, friction with threshing cylinder, and the corn grains is coming down.

User’s Notice
1.Please check carefully all the thresher machine parts and electrociruit are in good conidtion and make sure it can be worked safely enough before using
2.Don't put the corns inside of the thresher immediately when it is starting up by electricity power .Firstly please let the thresher machine keep running 1~2 minutes. After 1 or 2 minuters ,user can use the machine normally
3.Be sure to cut off the electricity supply immediately if there is something wrong on the thresher during it is working . Then restart the machine to check 
4.Clean the bearing and the machine all parts annually ,add oil in time
5.Forbiddance Tips as below :
(1)Age under 18-year-old are forbidden to use this machine
(2)Disease and Tired are forbidden to use this machine
(3)Forbidden to drink, eat or play when using this machine
(4)Forbidden to put the hands into the thresher inner part when it is working
(5)Forbidden to repair the machine while it is working

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