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Name: JGS/JS-Series Self-Priming Pump
Type: JGS/JS
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Product details
JGS/JS-Series Self-Priming Pump is extremely reliable, economical and simple to use, being particularly suitable for domestic applications such as the automatic distribution of water from small and medium-sized surge tanks, watering gardens ,etc. Applied to pumping such liquid which is clean,no solid matter or frictional matter,low viscous,noncorrosive,non-crystallizable,chemically neutral and close to water.
These pumps should be installed in a covered area, protected against the weather. N. B. It is always advisable to install foot valve or non-return valve on the suction opening.
1.we are professional in producing this pumps for 25 years.
2.our products have CE certification.
Technical Data
Power:0.75kw /1Hp      
H Max:46m
Q Max:80L/min                   
SIZE Inch:1"x1"
Packing Qty:1400
JS,JGS Technical Datas
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