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Name: WQ(D)-S Stainless steel casting sewage submersible pump(national standard flange)(stir,cutting device)
Type: WQ(D)-S
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Product details
Product Introduction:
WQ (D) -S stainless steel casting sewage submersible pump used stainless steel precision casting shell, with corrosion resistance, environmental protection, high lift, large flow and so on.
Product Features:
1, The oil chamber with VITON double mechanical seal, the outer chamber with a single VITON mechanical seal structure, effectively reduce the friction between the sand and the shaft caused shaft abrasion  problem.
2, The motor uses vacuum dipping paint to achieve F grade insulation, thermal protection device configuration, effectively extending the life of the pump.
3,According to customer requirements, it has stirring device, which can generate strong stirring force by the motor shaft rotation, discharged the suspended solids mixed from the sediment of sewage pool.  It also has the cutting device, discharged long fiber, plastic, paper bags, straw and other debris of sewage.
4, Can be customized corrosion cable according to customer special requirements, PTFE seal, and high temperature motor (to solve the liquid temperature ≤ 100 ℃ use of the environment)
It is suitable for building hospital, residential district, municipal engineering, road traffic and construction,chemical plating, factory sewage, aquaculture, medicine, beverage, salt water, solid particles, long fiber waste water and sewage contained in corrosive medium.
Conditions of Use:
1, whichever is the center of the impeller, submerged depth shall not exceed 5m;
2, the transmission medium temperature is not higher than +40 ℃;
3, the transmission medium PH value 304 (4-10), 316 (4-13);
4, the transmission medium kinematic viscosity of 7 × 10-7-23 × 10-6m2/s.

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