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Name: QY-S Stainless steel oil-filled submersible pump
Type: QY-S
  • PUMP
Product details
Product Introduction:
QY-S stainless steel three-phase oil-filled submersible pump casing and flow parts of stainless steel precision casting, with health, environmental protection, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance and so on.
Product Features:
1, using double-end, single-end double-channel mechanical seal, VITON "O" ring for the static seal, seal more reliable.
2, the use of F grade insulation motor, the bottom of the tapered bearing design, increase the reliability of pump operation and improve the service life.
3, high-lift pump with floating oil capsule structure, increasing pump temperature, oil water cut down to prevent the temperature rise burst, adjust the internal and external pressure, to ensure pump safety and reliability.
Suitable for chemical plating, farm irrigation, aquaculture, fountains, salt water, building, hospitals, residential quarters, municipal engineering, mining, road traffic and construction, especially suitable for use in the field of landscape fountains.
Conditions of Use:
1.As the Impeller center as standard limit,the pump submerged depth should not exceed 5m;
2.The transmission medium temperature is not higher than +40 ℃;
3.The transmission medium PH value 304 (4-10), 316 (4-13);
4.The transmission medium kinematic viscosity of 7×10-7-23×10-6m2/s.

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