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Name: WP Series Gasoline Water Pump
Type: WP
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Product details
1.Product Brief
WP series Gasoline water pump is the Self-priming single-stage single-suction centrifugal direct-connection pump,which is composed of Gasonline engine ,pump head ,pipeline fittings and support . The Gasoline engine is the pump dynamic driving ,engine and pump head share with same shaft .It has the features of compact struction, reliable performance,high efficiency ,no electricity power ,low fuel consumption,easy maintenace as well as low-cost for manufacturing,low lever noise ,etc .The working principle of WP Gasoline pump is under the condition of full of water in the pump ,gasoline engine drive the impeller rotating which generates centrifugal force to make the water in the impeller groove flow into the pump head ,at the same time ,impeller centre pressure decrease, this pressure is lower than inlet pipe pressure ,therefore ,water flows out from the absorbing water source to pump outlet pipe through impeller .
2.Pump Features
1). Adopting our factory OHV engine,Reliable function performance,easy to start
2). Pump is made of light strong aluminium alloy material
3). Cast iron scroll impeller
4).High-quality ceramic,silicon carbide mechanical seal
5).Low fuel consumption,Low-noise
WP series pump is mainly used for farm irrigation ,garden irrigation and drainage , well water lift ,home living water pumping in rural areas where has no electricity power,it could also be used in urban and rural buildings,industrial and mining enterprises water supply and drainage.At the same time ,it can be used on the other engine to match sprayer,farmland thresher,etc
4.Working Conditions
WP series gasoline pump could normally work continuously in conditions as below :
1). The Medium temperature should not exceed +40℃
2).The medium PH value should be in 5.5-8.5
3).The medium should be clean water withouth solid particles(The solid particle volume ratio in the medium should not exceed0.1% , particle size should not exceed0.2mm)
4).The pump Engine should use 90# gasoline
5. Model Explanation and Main Technical Datas
1).Model Explanation
WP----Gasoline Water Pump Name
80----Inlet and outlet Size(mm)
2).Main Technical datas
MODEL WP-50 WP-80 WP-100
Engine Type: Air-cooled 4-cycle Gasoline engine Air-cooled 4-cycle Gasoline engine Air-cooled 4-cycle Gasoline engine
Engine Model:  170F 170F 170F
Discharging: 163cc  163cc  163cc 
Output power:  5.5HP 6.5HP 7.5HP
Fuel Tank Capacity:  3.6L 3.6L 3.6L
Net Weight: 22KG 25KG 30KG
Suction/Discharge Port:  2 inch (50mm)  3 inch (80mm)  4 inch (100mm) 
Lift:  30m  28m  25m 
Suction  8m 8m 8m
Flow:  35m3/h  50m3/h  75m3/h 
Package Size: 530mm×390mm×430mm 560mm×390mm×460mm 635mm×495mm×570mm

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