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Type: SU
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Product details
Product Brief
SU series Self-suction pump is an ecomomical ,durable and easy to operate drainage and irrigation equipment.It can be directly connect with electric motor or gasoline engine as the driving power ,or driving by belt pulley,which could be adjusted the speed as per the request .It has the featurers of large flow capacity,far-distance water carriage,quickly water self-priming. 
2. Application
As this pump is exclusively used for civil, using liquid PH=5-9, Liquid temperature less than 80M .It is widely used on Agriculture irrigation and drainage,sprinkling irrigation,Garden water irrigation , breeding industry water supply and drainage,etc.
It cannot be used in muddy or sewage water
3. Notice
1)Single pump cannot be used alone.
2)Excep the pump body for100M lift is iron material ,the others are aluminium material.
The belt pulley for 1inch are A type,the other size belt pulley are defaultly taking as B type
2)Pump water from well cannot exceed 6M depth,
3)It can pump water in 8m distance from flat water source such as river or lack
4)Once the pump usage ,the pump cannot be returned back .
4.Technical Datas
MODEL Outlet Size(mm) Inlet Size(mm) Max Output (hp) Speed (rpm) Pump Flow max(m3/h) Lift H. max(m) Suction
SU-50 50 50 5.5 3600 25 33 7
SU-80 80 80 6.0 3600 50 30 7
SU-100 100 100 13.0 3600 80 25 7
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