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Name: QB Series Peripheral Pump
Type: QB
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Product details
QB Series Peripheral Pump is suitable for pumping clean water. They are particularly suitable for: Domestic application such as supply water from well, pool .etc; Water pressure boosting; Garden spraying; Hairdressing industry pressurized water; High-rise building water supply; Farmland garden irrigation

Operating Conditions
Suction lift up to 8 m.
Liquid temperature up to +40℃.
Ambient temperature up to +40℃.
Max. Working pressure: 6 bar.

2 pole induction motor.
Single-phase, 50Hz / 60Hz.
Insulation: Class B.
Protection IP 44.
With capacitor and thermal overload protection.

Pump body: Cast iron.
Motor support: Aluminum / Cast iron.
Impeller: Brass.
Motor shaft: Stainless steel or CS45#.
Mechanical seal: Ceramic-Graphite.
Copper Winding.

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