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Name: DSU Series High Capacity Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump
Type: DSU
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Product details
Product Instruction
DSU sereis pump was consisted of SU pump head with single phase or three phase motors, which has good-looking appearance, light weight, portable, High flow and lift, short-time suction, low energy consumption,etc.

Main Application
DSU Series pump is suitable for drip-irrigation system in greenhouse, micro-sprinkling irrigation system, water ciuculation in Industrial and Mining enterprises, Municipal Engineering, Factory water circulation usage, Aquaculture water supply and drainage, water-cooled air-conditioned water supply and so on.In addition, it can be used on New-type fertilizer and irrigation integrated equipment.

Pump Technical Datas
DSU50 2.2 220/380 3000 50 30 28 7 20
DSU80 3 220/380 3000 80 50 26 7 29
DSU100 4 220/380 3000 100 75 22 7 34

Pump Common Failures and Maintenance
Problem Reason Analyze Maintenace
Pump fails to run 1、thermal fuse burned
2、pump jammed or rusted
3、capacitor damaged
4、Low voltage
5、pump is working in interruption (Thermal  protector working)
6、pump burned
1、Change the thermal fuse
2、clear the eyewinker and rust
3、change capacitor
4、Use voltage stabilizer,enlarge cable wire diameter and shorten the cable length to decrease cable pressure and loss
5、Check whether pump voltage too high or too low or pump overloaded working。Find the problem then solve
6、Repair the pump
Pump cannot pump out water 1、No enough water in the water filling hole
2、too high suction
3、water absorption tube connection leak gas
4、Lack water source,bottom valve on the water
5、Mechnical seal leak water
6、Pump head、pump body broken
1、Add full water in the water filling hole
2、remove pump to reduce the pump suction
3、use teflon tape or sealant to tighten the inlet connection again
4、make the bottom valve surbmerse in the water
5、change or repair the mechanical seal
6、change pump head or pump body
Small flow,low lift 1、impeller  and pump head wear
2、Mechnical seal leak water
3、Impeller blocked by sundries
4、filter blocked
5、Low voltage
1、change the impeller ,pump head
2、change or repair the mechanical seal
3、clear the impeller sundries
4、clear the sundries on the filter
5、Enlarge voltage
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