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Name: XGB Series Vortex Fan(XGB Series Vortex Air Pump)
Type: XGB
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Product details
I.Product Brief
XGB Series Vortex Fan is one type of the High Pressure Fans. Its impeller is composed of 10 blades,which is similar to the impeller of large gas turbine. The middle of the air impeller is worked by centrifugal force, moving to the edge of the impeller, which makes the air enters the pump ring cavity, re-starting from the blades in the same way then to loop. Cycling airflow generating by the impeller rotating makes the fan flow out high energy for use.
Vortex Fan adopts special motor, compact structure, small size, light weight, low noise, sending oil-free air source water.
II. Application
XGB series vortex gas pump is the gas source of  blowing and sucking,which could be used on paper cutting
machine,combustion Oxygen reducer machine,Filter nozzle forming    machine for coil machine,Electroplate tank liquor stirring,Atomizing    dryer,Oxygen increasing for fish feeding,Water treatment aeration, Screen printing machine,Gas heavy oil injection,Dry with bottle washer,Paper
tape and rage blowing,air knife for drying,air cushion for cutting machine,animal manure fermentation aeration ,Copperlate press suction ,electrolyte stirring,culture pond oxygen  supply ,punch ,Particle transport,Incinerator,Smoke suction ,Car blow drying,Secure processed  materials ,Photoengraving
1. Aquaculture (fish and prawn pond aeration)
2. Waste water treatment, sewage treatment system.
3. Pneumatic conveying systems.
4. Lifting and holding of parts by vacuum.
5. Packing machines.
6. Filling of bags/bottles/hoppers.
7. Soil remediation
8. Food processing.
9. Laser printers
10. Dental suction equipment.
11. Paper processing.
12. Gas analysis.
III. Maintenance
1.This fan should be placed in stable,clean, dry and ventilated place
2. Fan impeller rotation direction should be same as the direction of arrow symbol on the cover line.
3.When the Vortex Fan in operation ,the working pressure shall not be higher than normal rated operating pressure to avoid any fan motor damaged because of overload
4.Except the motor rotor and two bearings,the fan other parts have no direct  friction with each other. Installation of the pump bearings is divided into two types. The first pump-side bearing installed in the motor frame and the middle of the pump impeller body, these pumps usually do not need to grease. Second pump-side bearing is installed between the pump cover, such pump-side bearing grease should be on a regular basis (7018 high-speed grease.) Once a month, for a continuous three-shift work in the number of fuel pump should be increased. Such pump motor fan side of the bearing by first pump maintenance.
5.To avoid any blocking ,the filter and muffler of the fan should be cleaned timely according to the use situation
6. It should be connected the inlet and outlet by hose connection(rubber tube or plastic spring tube).
7. Bearing replacement: Bearings should be changed by maintenace technicist . First loose the screw from pump cover and dispatch the spare parts one by one as the chart sequence, clean the the removed parts, and then assemble the spare parts. Please note that don’t violently unlench the impeller but use application-specific Ramallah to dispatch the impeller, and don’t miss adjustable gasket to advoid the interval gap. The bearing should be cleaned,dried and coated by #7018 lubricating grease before changing. If above changing too difficult for the end-user ,please send the fan to the factory to repair .
8.Forbidden solid, liquid and corrosive gases enter into the fan.
IV.Main Parameter

V.Installation Dimension

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