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Name: 9-19 High Pressure Centrifugal Fan
Type: 9-19
  • PUMP
Product details

Product Brief
1. High Pressure, low Vibration, Laser cutting blanking greatly imprves the accuracy of the product,and the shape is good-looking appearance
2.The core driving spare part of Aluminium Blower Fan is High-efficiencyYE2 motor,which is high-efficiency ,energy saving ,good quality and long service life..
3.Optinal High temperature resistant extended shaft motor ,high temperature resistant  200ºC

Widely used for conveying materials,air and non-corrosive,non-spontaneous combustion,non-viscous gases .
Especially suitable for high-pressure forced ventilation in general exercise,glass,ceramics,radio,electroplating,batteries and other industries as well as grain ,feed,etc.
Material conveying in mineral powder ,plastics,chemical industry and boiler industry.

1.Envisaging from Motor fan cover or Driving units angle , anticlockwise  rotating is sinistrogyration;On the contrary,clockwise rotating is dextrorotation
2.The default rotation type for 9-19 blower fan of our factory is dextrorotation 0 degree

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