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Name: 4-72 High Temperature-Resistance Centrifugal Fan
Type: 4-72
  • PUMP
Product details

Product Brief
1. Large Air volume,low Virbation and noise,Laser cutting blanking greatly imprves the accuracy of the product,and the shape is good-looking appearance
2.The core driving spare part of Aluminium Blower Fan is High-efficiency YE2 motor,which is high-efficiency ,energy saving ,good quality and long service life.
3.Optinal High temperature resistant extended shaft motor ,high temperature resistant  200ºC

Widely used in industrial and mining enterprises,large buildings ,factories ,hotels ,restaurants and other indoor &outdoor ventilation
Particularly suitable for heating furnace,hot blast stove,drying ,chemical industry ,food,grain machinery and other related industries .

1.Envisaging from Motor fan cover or Driving units angle , anticlockwise  rotating is sinistrogyration;On the contrary,clockwise rotating is dextrorotation
2.The default rotation type for 4-72 blower fan of our factory is dextrorotation 0 degree

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