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Name: YN5-47 High Temperature-Resistance Boiler Induced Draft Fan
Type: YN5-47
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Product details

Product Brief
Using advanced technology ,we do research and development by ourselvies of this new kind of Boiler fan according to boiler professional  industry.YN5-47 Series Boiler Induced Draft fan has the characteristic of heat-resistant, high-efficiency,high air volume,low-vibration ,low noise,long-life span,laser cutting of wind shells ,beautiful shape.
1.The Main component of this boiler fan is Y2 aluminium alloy die-casting material motor ,which greatly reduces total fan weight ,making the fan light-weight ,convenient installation and beautiful appearance.
2.The motor is using high temperauture-resistance materials such as heat-resistant bearing,heat-resistant grease,heat-resistant insulation paper&painting ,etc
3.Adopting the thermal-protective connector(with internal cooling vanes) to connect the motors and fan wind shell,which could guarantee the motor cooling and normally operating in high temeprature long time .
4.Fan Normal Operating temperature: 180ºC~200ºC  

Widely used in  heating furnace ,hot air stove,numerical control boiler ,steam boiler,drying,chemical industry ,food ,grain machinery ,and other related industries.

1.Envisaging from Motor fan cover or Driving units angle , anticlockwise  rotating is sinistrogyration;On the contrary,clockwise rotating is dextrorotation
2.The default rotation type for YN5-47 blower fan of our factory is Sinistrogyration 0 degree
3.The biggest power of YN5-47 series is 3KW ,if you need larger power ,please choose 4-72 series of High temperature-resistance fans.

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