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Name: CF-11 Low-Noise Multi-wing Centrifugal Air Blower
Type: CF-11
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Product details

Product Brief
1.High efficiency, low speed and noise, high air volume, long life span.
2.With advanced aerodynamic impeller structure and logarithmic spiral shell ,CF Series Fan has the characteristics of novel and compact structure,small vibration and easy to use and adjust .
3.Y2,YY series of high-efficiency and energy-saving motors are used as the fan driving ,which is high efficinecy ,low energy consumption ,beautiful and generous in appearance
4.Transmission Medium is air or other non-spontaneous combustion ,harmless gas to human body ,medium does not contain viscous substance
5.Gas temperature≤80℃,dust and solid impurities≤150mg/m3.
Application Range
Widely used in air conditioning units,large and small hotels,restaurants ventilation or lampblack taking .Also can be used as indoor or outdoor ventilation of general buildings .

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