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Name: DF Multi-wing Low-noise Centrifugal Air Blower
Type: DF
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Product details

Product Brief
1.Low-noise,high-efficiency,large air volume,high pressure,low-vibration ,long-life span,removable foot,flexible installation.
2. Fan impeller automatic punching blanking, mechanical insertion, strict balancing correction to reduce vibration, stable operation , sturdy and durable.
3. The motor is made of Y2 aluminum alloy die-casting material, which achieves lightweight, convenient installation and beautiful appearance.
Application Range
Widely used in telecommunications, power,electricity,electronics,geology,coal mines,ships ,paper making and other related industries,
Particularly suitable for printing,plastics, packaging, film blowing, drying ,cooling and other machineries&general ventilation

High-Temperature-Resistance DF Fan 
Based on the DF fan ,DF high temperature resistance fan connects the fan housing with the motor through the heat insulation connection(built-in cooling vane) to prevent the high temperature and cool the motor,which guarantee the motor could continuously operate in the high temerature around 180℃~200℃.
The main components of the motor are high temperature resistant materials(High-temperature bearing ,grease ,insulation material ,etc)
Fan Normal operation termperature : 180℃~200℃

C-type DF Fan
On the basis of DF fan ,the air intake straight inlet ,air intake flange and fan bracket ,stand can be selected
A variety of interface models,user-friendly installation and use
Other non-standard interface can be customized .

Stainless Steel DF Fan 
On the basis of DF fan , Equipped with high temperature resistant motor as well as adopted stainless steel material for the fan housing, S.S.DF fan is increased corrosion resistance ,wear resistance ,higher strength and hardness .

Extened-shaft motor DF Fan
On the basis of High-temperature-resistance DF fan ,extended-shaft motor DF fan is lengthened the shaft to improve heat resistance .
Widely used in ovens ,boilers ,hot stoves ,dishwashers and other mechanical equipments
Fan normal operating temperature : 160℃~180℃

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